Arranging Your Kid’s Private Birthday Party at an Indoor Play Centre

Lara wants to host a private birthday party for her dear child. She wants to include cake cutting, games and activities for all the kids so that they can enjoy and derive immense fun and excitement, and food that would be served to all guests and children attending the party. Lara thinks it would be a good thing if the event also includes mascot appearances. In order to arrange such a private party, she is looking for an indoor play centre in Sydney that can facilitate all of these.

Sofia one of Lara’s college friends recommended Club Kids to her – an indoor play centre that hosts private parties for kids and arranges everything from cutting cake to serving delicious food for all guests. Lara did some research and find out that at Club Kids, she can also include ‘Mascot Appearance’ or ‘Entertainer Appearance’ and make the event special for her dear child.
Kids Bithday Party
With Entertainer Appearance – Lara can choose a character of her choice and the entertainer will arrive at the event fully attired in the character’s dress that Lara had chosen. The entertainer will come and entertain all children with games, music, singing, dancing and prizes! This will truly add to kids’ fun and excitement.

In Mascot Appearance – Lara can choose a mascot of her choice and the mascot will arrive at the event and present a gift to the child whose birthday is being celebrated, and the mascot will also play and dance with the children and remain for cake cutting and photographs.

Lara also learned that if she selects both entertainer and mascot appearance, she would get a special discount of $28.

Furthermore, Lara discovered that at Club Kids, there are a variety of kids’ party packages and adult party platters to select from, which will facilitate her to keep total expenses well within the estimated budget.


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