Host a Peppa Pig Birthday Party for Your Child in Earlwood

Is your child’s birthday approaching? Or would you like to throw a surprise party for your child and his/ her friends in this holiday season so that they can have a great time together. Whatever reason you might have, Club Kids bring to you Peppa Pig Party only at Earlwood. Children will just enjoy the Peppa Pig themed party. Interested! Keep reading on to find out what it has to offer.

Peppa Pig Kids Birthday Party in Earlwood

Peppa Pig Party Package at Earlwood includes the below listed:

    1. At this party, the host who would be hosting the entire party and serving food and drinks to all children would be none other but children’s favourite Pig Character.
    2. You can book your party room for the full two hour so that children can have loads of fun and excitement in the themed Peppa Pig Party.
    3. All tableware such as tablecloth, plates, cups, decorative items and napkins – everything will be Peppa-Pig themed.
    4. For every child who attends the party will be provided with a Peppa Pig Mask.
    5. Pass the Parcel game enables each child to receive a Peppa Pig gift, which the child can take home.
    6. There is a special Mascot Appearance who comes exclusively attired in the costume of Peppa Pig in the party room.
    7. You can select from our “Kids Hot Food Menu” – at least 3 delicious hot foods or healthy sandwiches.
    8. Also, other items that are served are Popcorn and Crisps, Lollies and Fairy Bread or Carrot, Celery & Cucumber sticks, Pink Cordial and Water.
    9. Balloon arrangements for the party room.
    10. Peppa Pig Foil Balloon is given to you, which you can keep.
    11. Peppa Pig Lolly bags.
    12. Bubble Machine & Music.
    13. Printable Party Invitations.
    14. You can order separately Peppa Pig Pinata for $50.
    15. You can also order Peppa Pig Ice Cream Cake $POA (To get the exact price, you need to contact Club Kids – Earlwood).

Peppa Pig Party is also cost effective as it would just cost you $32.95 per child (Minimum participation of 15 children is required to avail the offer price). Undoubtedly, children will indulge and have a lovely time at Peppa Pig Party at Earlwood.


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