The Perfect Kids Party Planner

Your kid’s birthday party is celebrated only on a specific day, but planning it takes more of your days and efforts. We consider planning an important activity and so have come up with the perfect kids’ party planner so that you could benefit out of it. Here below is step by step guideline for planning your kid’s birthday party.

1 or 2 Months Prior to the Party Day

    1. Draft your guest list. How many guests you would like to invite to your kid’s birthday party? Take a diary and write down all the names of children (your child’s friends). Have your kid nearby when compiling the list and take your child’s approval for each name that is being added. The other way out is, ask your child for names of his/her friends and compile the guest list. Also, you would require to take into consideration at least one parent per child who would accompany the child to the party location and stay with the child throughout the party (also mention it on the invitation card).
    2. In case, you want to host the party at some outside party venue, then you need to reserve the place in advance as you won’t get the venue at the last moment. Finalise for the kid’s activities and games that will be conducted during the party. For instance, at Club Kids (A Playhouse & Cafe) you can select the games and kids’ activities you want include, as they offer different party packages from which you can select from. It’s recommended to involve your child when selecting the games and activities.

2 or 3 Weeks Prior to the Party Day
Kids Party Invitation Cards

    1. Fill up all the invitation cards and send out to all invitees.
    2. Ensure to correctly mention the address of the venue where the party have been organised. Also, mention proper landmark so that the venue is easy to locate.

A Week Prior to the Party Day

    1. Call up the event organiser to confirm your reservation along with the party package that you had finalised.

2 to 3 Days Prior to the Party Day

    1. Call up the guests who have not yet confirmed to attend the birthday party.
    2. Make sure you have charged your digital camera so that you are ready to take wonderful flicks of your children enjoying with his/ her friends in the party.
    3. In case, the selected party package does not contain a gift for every child who partakes in the party, then you need to shop for it so that you can give to each child a small gift that they could carry home or also you can arrange for food packets for children so that they could carry it home. As children often neglect food while playing and having fun during the party, it’s a great idea to give food packet to each child, so when they reach home they can eat it, as often children are hungry once they get home after the party.

1 Day Prior To the Party Day

    1. Confirm your reservation with the event organiser mentioning the exact date and time of the party.
    2. In case you have not ordered for the birthday cake, you may bake it or pick up the cake.

The Very Special Day on which Your Kid’s Birthday is Celebrated
Very Special Kid’s Birthday @ Indoor Play Centre
On the very special day, enjoy the birthday party of your child with all guests in a wonderful way. The main advantage of hosting your kid’s birthday on an external party venue like Club Kids is that you don’t have to worry about a single thing, as everything is arranged by Club Kids from hosting the birthday party, arranging and helping kids to partake in the games and activities, and serving delicious food to all guests. You can also order birthday cake at extra cost in case it is not already there in the party package that you opt for.

This is a simple kids’ party planner that you need to follow when hosting your kid’s birthday party at an external party venue, which will surely facilitate you to enjoy and partake in the party to the fullest.


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