Host Ice Queen Theme based Party for your kids in Earlwood

Kids love fancies and you owe them the best party items to organize the fanciest parties. Be it their birthday or a regular family gathering, entice the children with the ice queen packages! You can let your kids play indoor in an indoor play center. You can also have an Ice Queen theme party. You will be remembered and loved as the host forever.

Ice Queen Theme Party
The popular ice queen package involves:

  • An exclusively decorated party room hire for 2hours
  • Princess Anne or the Snow Queen will be there to host the party and will also serve the food and drinks for you
  • With the unique decorations, the party room will be transformed into a wonderland with frozen, snowy winter as the theme.
  • The table ware, table decorations, food and balloons will all be in accordance to the theme.

Accessories for Ice Queen Theme based Partyice-queen-package-img1

  • Snowflake Dinner Plates
  • Snowflake Dessert Plates
  • Snowflake cups
  • Snowflake Dessert Plates
  • Frozen Lunch Napkins
  • Snowflake Beverage Napkins
  • Snowflake Table Covers
  • Baby Blue Striped Paper Straws
  • To make the dining set exciting, you can add contrasting table wares with dotted paper.

Accessories for your wear at the party

There are Ice Queen Theme based sling bags, purse-shaped tin boxes, mini tote bags etc. available to match with the mood of the party. Bracelets, necklaces, beaded pearl sets in semi white and blue combination makes the dress look complete for the Ice Queen Theme based parties! You should be able to find the right kids party packages.

Food at Ice Queen Theme based Party

Yummy sandwiches or any other hot snack food for the kids are the best menu for the party. ‘Snowman’s noses’ and the ‘reindeer food’ are the two popular choices of carrot sticks among the kids. The blue lollies and popcorn can be served at the beginning of the party. Your kids birthday party won’t be the same any more!

Blue jelly cubes called the ‘Kris’ ice is a ‘sweet’ thing to enjoy at the party. ice cream factory ice cream cake, frozen fresh grapes and the Melted snowman made of the vanilla yoghurt are the other sweet dishes at Ice Queen Theme based Party. To complement the food dishes, the party drink is the blue cordial called the ‘Snow Queen’s Punch’. And yes, there is unlimited ‘melted ice’ (water)!

Price range for the party

The Ice Queen Theme based Party is organised only during the day time. the approximate cost is AUD $499 for ten children and AUD $26 for every extra child. If its more than 21 children, AUD $19 will be charged for every extra kid.


Items for the Ice Queen Theme based Party can include a mascot man who will all be like a snowman in appearance. He will sing, dance and cut the cake along with the kids. Smoke machine, bubble sprayers and complementary music will also enhance the mood of the party attendees. The printable party invitations should also be as unique as the theme.


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