Top 10 Party Tips for Your Son’s Birthday Party

You have your son’s birthday coming up. Your kid does want to be surprised. So, what can you do to make the day extra special? How do you make your son feel special? It’s that one day of the year when you need to make your son know how much you care for him. But what if you are out of ideas and thinking what to do on his birthday? Well, here are 10 ways on how you can make your kid feel special and spend some quality time with him.

Kids Party Ideas

1. Talk to his best friends
A party is incomplete if your son’s best friends do not attend. Talk to his best friends and ensure that they turn up for the party. It just adds up to the aura and theme.

2. Pick a theme
What is the theme for the party? It’s essential to plan out well. Plan everything carefully and ensure that you pick a theme that your child likes.

3. Involve your kid
You do not want to tell your kid explicitly that you are planning a birthday party for him. However, you can always ask for his ideas. Ask about all the things that he wants from the birthday party.

4. Go outside
Go bowling with your son. If your child is interested to play, you can just organize the party outdoors. Going to a playground can be just right.

5. Make a guest list
Do not forget to make a guest list and keep a proper track of all those you have invited to the party. Ensure that you haven’t forgotten someone important. If you plan to have party games for the event, ensure that there are good enough participants for the game. For instance, a kid’s party game will need a number of kids in that age group.

6. Don’t forget the invitations
Remember to send out the invitations well before the date. It is always advisable to send the invitations around six weeks before the event. That gives your guests the time to ensure that they are free on the given day.

7. Book the venue
It’s always important to book the venue beforehand. You might not want to organize the event indoors or at your home, so it’s essential to book the hall from before. Take a look at your budget and hall availability and decide a venue that your child will like. If you are high on budget, you might even want to book a park for the venue. In any case, it is always good to look out for open spaces as children move around a lot, and your child (and his friends) will probably want to enjoy themselves. You can find indoor play centre that have lots of open space as well. Being indoors will mean that your child will probably not get hurt, and you do not have to worry about rains too.

8. Decide the Menu
Everybody loves to eat. Decide the menu for the day. Keep in mind what your child likes to eat, after all, it will be his special day!

9. Don’t forget the games
Make a list of all the games that you plan to organize that day. Even old fashioned and traditional games might be a party stopper.

10. Open presents
Open all the presents after the event and look at the joy in the eyes of your child. After all, it was a great birthday party, wasn’t it?


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